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My Sunday Photo: 16 April 2017

Magenta TulipsYes, it’s another tulip picture – even though I posted one only two weeks ago! The main excuse for this is the colour of these ones. Some of you know already how much I love magenta. Green, incidentally, is its complement, in terms of the physics of light and colour, as magenta combines red and blue.
I’m not too sure of the composition, here (I’ve given you the full frame, as shot) but my main intention was to capture the delicate look of the thin petals in the evening sun. In think the shallow depth of field, and hence the blurring of the background and most of the blooms seems to work, though.

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Project 365: Last Lap to Spring

365-150315March 15: The first really pretty tree in blossom that I had noticed this year.

365-150316March 16: Roots of geranium cuttings just stuck in water!

365-150317March 17: The afternoon sun catches these shiny ivy leaves.

365-150318March 18: Surprise! A present from a kind relative; I never knew the words ‘cake’ and ‘left over’ went together in the same sentence. She seemed to think they did. I didn’t argue.

365-150319March 19: Remember that drastically chopped back privet…? Well, look what’s happening to it now!

365-150320March 20: These birch trees seemed to be begging the Sun to give them their leaves back.

365-150321March 21: And we’re back to another of my favourite flowers. Spring has come.

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