The Surprise

Our prompt at Julia’s ‘100 word challenge’ here is to write a piece of 100 words, plus the phrase (four words) shown in bold in my attempt below. Many more compositions can be viewed via the list of links below the explanation.

Captain Harrison knew that the harbour was watched, so his plan was to portray apathy until the last possible moment… when three men quietly jumped aboard their vessel.

The flame flickered before it caught the rag soaked in kerosene. In less than a minute, the dry palm timber in the firebox was well alight.

“Joe? How are we doing?”

“Seventy-five pounds, sir, and she’s warmed up!”

“We’re going. Take the tiller, Stan!”

The hiss of steam gave way to the steady beat of the engine as the Fearless picked up speed.

“I’ll have that dirty smuggler tonight if it’s the last run I make…”

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The Gallery: Morning

I haven’t joined in here for a little while due to many commitments, but I saw this subject and was once again tempted to take part.

I’d like to introduce my readers to a highly valuable photographic accessory: An alarm clock. It’s also good to have handy a flask of tea or coffee, and some chocolate or other preferred energy food to sustain you at ridiculous o’clock. Oh, and you’ll need a tripod.

Plan an early-morning trip to a place of scenic beauty where you have a good Easterly view, and you can capture pictures like this:

Incidentally, you may care to look at my other blog post on this subject here – and check all the other submissions here.

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Let’s Hear it for ‘Open Source’

Our ‘100 word challenge’ here is to write a piece of 100 words on any subject, additionally including the words shown in bold. Here is my attempt – have a look at the others in the list of links!

An ‘Apple’ for the teacher? In my opinion, the high quality doesn’t justify the cost, in these times of budget cutbacks. There’s enormous scope for the use of free open-source software in the classroom – and this would be a great way to make people aware of the advantages it brings. Its use is growing like an empire.

‘Free’ here has two meanings: without charge, and also, with the liberty to modify for a given purpose. It should be noted, too, that many versions of the Linux operating system will work on older hardware – a further saving.

Go on, education authorities, don’t be yellow, try it!

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The Very Bones…

Our ‘100 word challenge’ here is to write, well… 100 words, of course, based on the photograph of bones shown in the prompt. So here is my shot:

Bones (like these) have been made the subject of many sayings, often relating to the inmost being and core of something or someone. Some are easy to understand; others are enigmatic. Expressions such as:

– pared to the bone
– I love the very bones of [him]
– bone weary
– bone dry
(Now that’s silly – if your bones were dry, you’d have a serious problem!
– bone idle
(How can bones be idle? They do a serious job for your whole life!)

I could go on, but there’s food waiting for me. I must go and eat, or I’ll just be skin and bone.

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Hello! My name is Ruby.

Our brief at ‘100 word challenge’ this week, explained here, where you can also find links to all the submissions, is to write 100 words using, in some way, the word or theme ‘Ruby.’
Here is my response. I’ve allowed the word ‘Ruby’ once in addition, so there are 101 words.  

Alumina and chromium; pressure, time and heat
Earth’s secret recipe no artisan can beat;
A gemstone fit for kings and queens – and who might you be?
My name is Ruby.

Grapes grown along the Douro, that river running wide;
Pressed and fermented, and with brandy fortified –
A wine that’s fit for gentlemen – and who might you be?
My name is Ruby.

A special anniversary, a time for celebration:
Forty years have now rolled by – a mighty declaration
Of love, or memories… in a world of variation –
Where in this scene might YOU be?
My name, as I told you, is Ruby.

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