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The Gallery: Morning

I haven’t joined in here for a little while due to many commitments, but I saw this subject and was once again tempted to take part.

I’d like to introduce my readers to a highly valuable photographic accessory: An alarm clock. It’s also good to have handy a flask of tea or coffee, and some chocolate or other preferred energy food to sustain you at ridiculous o’clock. Oh, and you’ll need a tripod.

Plan an early-morning trip to a place of scenic beauty where you have a good Easterly view, and you can capture pictures like this:

Incidentally, you may care to look at my other blog post on this subject here – and check all the other submissions here.

It's kind to share!

The Gallery: Colour

In response to the prompt ‘Colour’ over at The Gallery, let me take you on a very quick tour of the spectrum. First of all, red and orange…
…are in this sunrise. Next,¬†yellow¬†and green…
…are in this buttercup growing in a lawn. And then blue, indigo, and violet…
…can be seen here as sunlight streams through the petals of a hyacinth. So whatever colour you want, you can find it in plants, or in the sky. Or both.

It's kind to share!