My Sunday Photo: 5 February 2017

Evening SnowdropsYes, it’s that time of year again – almost spring! I’ve always loved snowdrops, and I probably post a picture a bit like this every year. This time, I’ve given you the whole frame – the image hasn’t been cropped after capture. Also, this picture was taken with a prime (fixed focal length) lens, actually a 100mm macro.
By the time I arrived to take this shot, the winter afternoon light was already fading. I wound up the ISO setting to 3200, selected f/5 and shot at 1/15 of a second – relying on a dose of help from the camera’s shake reduction system!
I’m mentioning this as an example of what I’ve tried to explain before: newer and more expensive equipment won’t improve your skill as a photographer, but what it can do is extend your scope. One particular improvement noticeable on recent camera models, both DSLRs and others, is that good image quality is attainable when using high iso speeds – a great advantage in low light conditions!

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