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The Surprise

Our prompt at Julia’s ‘100 word challenge’ here is to write a piece of 100 words, plus the phrase (four words) shown in bold in my attempt below. Many more compositions can be viewed via the list of links below the explanation.

Captain Harrison knew that the harbour was watched, so his plan was to portray apathy until the last possible moment… when three men quietly jumped aboard their vessel.

The flame flickered before it caught the rag soaked in kerosene. In less than a minute, the dry palm timber in the firebox was well alight.

“Joe? How are we doing?”

“Seventy-five pounds, sir, and she’s warmed up!”

“We’re going. Take the tiller, Stan!”

The hiss of steam gave way to the steady beat of the engine as the Fearless picked up speed.

“I’ll have that dirty smuggler tonight if it’s the last run I make…”

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