Hello! My name is Ruby.

Our brief at ‘100 word challenge’ this week, explained here, where you can also find links to all the submissions, is to write 100 words using, in some way, the word or theme ‘Ruby.’
Here is my response. I’ve allowed the word ‘Ruby’ once in addition, so there are 101 words.  

Alumina and chromium; pressure, time and heat
Earth’s secret recipe no artisan can beat;
A gemstone fit for kings and queens – and who might you be?
My name is Ruby.

Grapes grown along the Douro, that river running wide;
Pressed and fermented, and with brandy fortified –
A wine that’s fit for gentlemen – and who might you be?
My name is Ruby.

A special anniversary, a time for celebration:
Forty years have now rolled by – a mighty declaration
Of love, or memories… in a world of variation –
Where in this scene might YOU be?
My name, as I told you, is Ruby.

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