Project 365: Last Lap to Spring

365-150315March 15: The first really pretty tree in blossom that I had noticed this year.

365-150316March 16: Roots of geranium cuttings just stuck in water!

365-150317March 17: The afternoon sun catches these shiny ivy leaves.

365-150318March 18: Surprise! A present from a kind relative; I never knew the words ‘cake’ and ‘left over’ went together in the same sentence. She seemed to think they did. I didn’t argue.

365-150319March 19: Remember that drastically chopped back privet…? Well, look what’s happening to it now!

365-150320March 20: These birch trees seemed to be begging the Sun to give them their leaves back.

365-150321March 21: And we’re back to another of my favourite flowers. Spring has come.

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One thought on “Project 365: Last Lap to Spring”

  1. Great shots! especially the first one.. but I do agree with how kind some relatives could be. One time I was given a plastic full of leftovers for our cats.. imagine, cats.. they don’t eat leftovers!
    I begged them not to do that again, ever.. or it’s relatives over! but no, I cannot do that. 😀

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