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My Sunday Photo: 2 September 2018

Rose at End of SummerI took this picture this week because, besides being pretty, this seemed to powerfully symbolise the end of summer. That said, today has been very warm – but I think autumn will strike very soon. the morning and evening sun now has that yellow glint.
Notice too how the rose shows amazing beauty in imperfection: what a lesson to us all!

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My Sunday Photo: 22 May 2016

MaigoldThis early, beautifully-scented rose came into flower in my dad’s garden last week. It’s called ‘Maigold’ and flowers prolifically in late spring and early summer, then still has a few blooms later on.
Judging by most cut roses on sale in shops, if you want roses with any significant scent, these days, you need to grow your own!

Edit, Monday, 23 May 2016:
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