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In Alice’s Honour…

The ‘100 Word Challenge’ prompt this time is explained here.  My entry last time was No. 32, so first of all, read entry No. 33 last time here. Now read on. (The last ten words of Ryan’s entry last time are in bold. I’ve used two more, but counted them as part of my additional hundred.)

“Don’t get up,” Vera was insistent, “Everything’s fine.”

Alice wasn’t so sure.

Sandra, her boss at the hotel, had told her that she was to be a diner for the evening, thanks to a mystery host who wished to be known as ‘the rabbit’ who would meet her there. She was to choose the meal. Curious, she’d accepted – and now the food was almost ready, and ‘the rabbit’ hadn’t showed up…

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Please welcome tonight Julian Robertson, chairman of Cuddlitoys Limited. Well done to Alice Whitebridge, who works here, and who has won their poetry competition. Alice receives a holiday voucher and a special cuddly rabbit. Thank you!”

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