My Sunday Photo: 26 July 2015

MSP150726Yesterday (Saturday) gave me the chance to escape into the countryside, where the warm weather had brought these little creatures out in force!
High light levels make it easier to photograph them, as it is then possible to use a fast shutter setting and a small aperture; depth of field – the distance zone which will be in focus – is mush shallower at these close focusing settings.
You’ll notice these two bees were happy to share one flower; maybe humans have a bit to learn!

It's kind to share!

17 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo: 26 July 2015”

  1. Such a stunning photo Phil. I just live bumble bee photos showing them doing what they do best in nature

    Hope you and yours are keeping well

    1. One thing you should check, here: your camera should have a setting in the ‘record’ menu for AF ‘point’. Set this to ‘centre only’.
      What you ask is really enough for a blog post of its own… which I’ll try to do!

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