Monday Mobile Week 12: A Touch of the Sun

Well… it’s really week one for me, because I haven’t joined in with this before. But my last  Silent Sunday picture was actually inspired by this passing shot a few days before:

OK, so DSLR quality it isn’t. But the picture was captured in a few seconds. The ‘best’ camera is always the one you have with you. I didn’t actually realise at the time how much atmosphere this shot would convey.

If you haven’t already, have a look at the other contributions to this meme, here. (The list is at the end of the post, after those lovely pumpkin pictures.)

It's kind to share!

4 thoughts on “Monday Mobile Week 12: A Touch of the Sun”

  1. I love shafts of sunlight, or pools of sunlight in photos. They make whatever is in focus look almost unreal or heavenly somehow, compared to their surroundings. Sunshine and dark skies are nearly always stunning too. Great photo :O)

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