By the Butterfly Tree: An Explanation and Acknowledgements

For ‘Prose for Thought’ this week, hosted by Vicky at Verily, Victoria Vocalises, I am introducing my story entitled By the Butterfly Tree which is appearing on this blog in small instalments. I would like to explain how this story came into being, and thank those people who have motivated me.

You see, I should say first that, at school – all those years ago – there were some subjects I enjoyed and got quite good at. Science, and stuff. Maths. Now, when it came to English, I was a mixture; comprehension and descriptive writing I could handle, the odd poem, even. But writing fiction was a nightmare for me; as Winnie-the-Pooh would say, it didn’t. It just didn’t. So, when I get complimentary comments on here, about my writing, I feel both honoured and humbled – in a good way.

Well now, first came ‘The Twitter Key Project’ conceived, organised and hosted by Josie aka @porridgebrain on Twitter, which she explained here. Along with many others, I submitted an entry, which Josie kindly wrote on a label and added to the project here, with a photo.

Next, as you will see below the photo, Julia (That retired, but not retiring, woman, who blogs at Julia’s Place and tweets as @jfb57) left a comment – that got me thinking…

And then, more recently, Helen, who blogs at All at Sea, came up with a concept she called ‘Summer Of Words’ which she explained here. She personally invited me to take part.

The story in many parts, now unfolding on this blog, is the result. Many thanks to Josie, Julia, and Helen. And to all of you who may care to read By the Butterfly Tree. 

Here is a link to the beginning. More links will take you from one part to the next. I hope you enjoy the journey…

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  1. I’m so thrilled to have played a little part in encouraging you to write your story – which I am thoroughly enjoying! Summer Of Words taught me that I can write complete story – not just glimpses. If it shows you that you can do the same then that is fab!

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