The Wrong Season – Part 2

To understand this post, first read the explanation of the prompt here (if you don’t know the basic idea already) and then read ‘The Wrong Season’ (part 1) here, written by Mrs. Green at Well, I never… Then read on below:

Then, too late, she saw the glint in his eye.
“Half a kilo? Coming right up, madam.”
She struggled to keep a straight face.
“Mister Jarvis… If YOU have ME on a string ONCE more…”
It was hopeless to pretend, though. She knew it.
She loved it. He knew it.

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9 thoughts on “The Wrong Season – Part 2”

  1. Really like this, especially as I was expecting something that would evoke sadness as opposed to humour! Nice cadence to the piece as well, a great match to part one. I particularly like the last three sentences.

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