The Fight for Spring

This post is in response to the ‘100 Word Challenge’ here, where you will find links to lots more responses. The brief was to write 104 words, including the phrase shown in bold.

Earlier in the year, the unseasonal weather meant that ‘Spring’ kicked in early. Deciduous trees were in bud ‘before their time.’ Early snowdrops and aconites were not even surrounded by snow. That ‘here comes the sun, it’s good to be alive…’ feeling pervaded the British isles. Winter was all but over.

Oh, how dangerous are those words ‘all but…’

Winter decided to fight back, even though his time was almost up. The upshot was that, by last Thursday, Spring hadn’t quite sprung. Leaves, buds and flowers have been duelling with frost and snow. I hope they win. And I hope they win very soon.

Buds and Ice

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