An Open Letter: Dear New Blogger

This post was prompted by a new addition to the blogging community in the shape and form of Messed Up Mum at the end of 2013. It is for her, and all her like. (Screwed up dads also welcome. After all, this is a bloke typing this.)

Dear Messed Up Mum,

Happy new year (belated.) Happy new blog. (Also belated.)

On behalf of the blogging community, welcome, and best wishes. Don’t worry about blogging ‘properly’. This isn’t a case of How To Hold Your Knife And Fork. As one blogger tweeted to me:

What is this knife and fork you speak of? *licks fingers*

Quite. Blog honestly, decently, and legally, sure. (I’m sure you don’t need me to say that.) But, other than that, it’s your blog, your rules. A couple of thousand words, or one photo. you choose. Above all, blog from the heart.

Why bother? well, I suppose there are as many reasons, in detail, as there are bloggers. Subjects include parenting, travel, photography, cooking… the list goes on. Including especially, the ups and downs of this thing called life. But essentially, here’s what comes to mind:
1. We all have in us, if you will, a little bit of the teacher, the author, and the journalist. Something to pass on to each other.
2. We have the joy of belonging. I’ve sat here in front of a monitor screen, reading blogs, and been sometimes helpless with laughter, sometimes welling up in tears, sometimes filled with awe. Others have told me, along the way, that I’ve had these effects on them. This is humbling (in a good way.)
3. We learn how much there is to learn from one another. Learn to be less judgemental, and to contribute to healthy debate.

So, go for it. I’m sure loads of warm-hearted people will welcome you, just as they did me. But, as I happened to say to a blogger who was a little disheartened recently, don’t try to be someone else; we need you to fill the place of…


With love,

Phil XX

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14 thoughts on “An Open Letter: Dear New Blogger”

  1. Lovely and very apt for many of us. I enjoy blogging so much more when I’m not comparing myself to others. We are all just doing our thing in a very big pond. There are so many fabulous reads for so many different reasons as you say. Great post Nicky #twinklytuesday

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