Project 365: Looking Forward, Looking Back, Looking Up

365-150215February 15: The signs of spring just keep coming…

365-150216February 16: …but of course, if you want a rainbow, you have to have rain. Perhaps I’m gradually learning this.

365-150217February 17: Looking into my old apple tree, this is what I saw! An omen for next Christmas…?

365-150218February 18: It’s quite arresting to actually hold a piece of paper this old. The lady to whom this letter was written was a very dear friend. Possibly, up to her death (when I was aged just ten) the greatest friend I had, outside my own family. It was many years before I realised what an amazing life she’d had.

365-150219February 19: I know I harp on about this, but I never tire of England’s skies. I only just managed to catch the moment, here.

365-150220February 20: I often mentally reminisce about beach trips. And who said mathematics couldn’t be beautiful?

365-150221February 21: The last one for this week is the last look at a ‘red’ crescent moon. I just got my tripod set up in time!

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My Sunday Photo: 22 February 2015

MSP150222One day last week, I came away from a job in this street, to see this, as rain began to tap on my car windscreen. It made me think, as I viewed this shot this morning: how many rainbows have passed over those houses since they were built? Two world wars have been fought. Those telephone lines have appeared, and now they carry this thing we call broadband. The TV aerials might have appeared in the 1950s at the earliest. There were cars in the street, too (remember, these houses were probably built before Benz and Daimler made one in 1885!)

And rainbows have come and gone.

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Project 365: The Run-up to Valentine’s Day

And what a week it was! Work, finishing on a high at college for half term, and, erm, yes, some photos…

365-150208February 8: Frost defines so many things in a beautiful way. Flowers, spiders’ webs, leaves… and here, just the bark on a log.

365-150209February 9: And it wouldn’t be February, without snowdrops. My mother’s birthday… [sigh] She always loved them.

365-150210February 10: Good window displays are lovely at any time. This one, by an enterprising florist in a small country town, looked terrific at night!

365-150211February 11: Real, genuine, no teapot-lidding, green shoots! seen here on Salvia officinalis. (You what, mate…? Sage, to you. Oh, yeah…)

365-150212February 12: Do you ever get that sort of stale feeling? Nothing to photograph today? Well, it hit me on this particular Thursday. Now, when that happens, the best thing to do is to grab something really ordinary, and take a close look at it. Perhaps try shining light through the object, rather than just at it, as I did here. I mean, you can’t get much more ordinary than a sweet pepper, now, can you? But a true fresh look is never ordinary…

365-150213February 13: …and I never tire of what rain does to things, either, somehow. Especially at night.

365-150214February 14: OK, so it was Valentine’s Day. Roses are red. Big deal. But crocuses are purple, as you can see. This is the same crocus as the one in ‘My Sunday Photo’ yesterday, but it’s not the same picture. That one was taken by natural light only, but I used flash for this one. You may care to compare the two, and see what you think.

And that’s it, till next week!

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Project 365: Forward Into February!

And here we go…

365-150201February 1: I can’t resist taking pictures at dusk, as you might know by now. It really is ‘magic hour’. Even this area of water looks heart-shaped. (Trust him, I hear you mutter.)

365-150202February 2: Winter was very much still with us. These water-fowl had to paddle along a narrow channel through the ice!

365-150203February 3: It seemed as if this tree were reaching up to this clear, glowing sky, and begging for new leaves!

365-150204February 4: This is a piece of a very special country called England. Treat it with respect; it has cost the blood of its young men, twice in one century. Yes, I know I mention this often, but I think it sinks into me more, all the time. [sigh]

365-150205February 5: As the afternoon light was fading, I caught this memorial to a piece of local history: The Baseball Ground. Even though I don’t ‘follow the footie’ much, I think it’s fitting to remember what a heritage many teams have.

365-150206February 6: Another hobby-horse of mine…! Children who worked in the factories used to get a half-day off… so that they could go to school! Oh, and that was if you had a good boss. Take a long, hard look at the socio-economic history of Britain (if you can stand it.) It ain’t pretty…

365-150207February 7: We’ll close for the week on a happier note: if you don’t know already, this is what free range chickens look like. In fact, they are normally more spread out, it’s just that they confuse amateur photographers with farm staff who bring food!

Till next week, then, folks…!

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Project 365: The End of January!

Where did that month go to…? I was going to do so much ‘around the new year’. I think I’ll have to make that Chinese new year. Hmm…


January 25: As we all say: they just don’t make thing like this any more…

365-105126January 26: Is it a bird…? Is it a plane…? No, it’s a wind turbine. Never seen this one really belting round, though.

365-150127January 27: A time to reflect – in every sense.

365-150128January 28: Old pub lanterns are getting rare – especially when the brewery name changes. Just one of many things I wish I’d recorded more often.

365-150129January 29: When snow has just the right wetness and temperature (or wrong, depending on how you look at it.) This phenomenon known as ice accretion, can even bring power lines down due to the weight of ice!

365-150130January 30: The previous day’s snow soon went…

365-150131January 31: …making way for a special herald of spring!

February, folks? Bring it on!

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