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Ode to Mums Who Cook Christmas Dinner

Once a year, in town or city
And around the countryside
Everyone prepares for feasting
On the day of Christmastide.
Special food, and drink as well
All the supermarkets sell.

When the day at last arriveth
For the tables to be spread
Many ‘mums’ are working madly
For their families to be fed.
‘Merry Christmas’ each will yawn –
(Ovens start in early morn.)

When the festive fare  is eaten
And the plates are cleared away
We salute those who’ve been busy
On this Christmas ‘holiday.’
“Well done, Mum!” And she’ll reply:
“That’s all right – I’ll wash, you dry…”

This post was prompted by the ‘100 word challenge’ here.
The appropriate tune (from a carol) should be obvious!
A hint: see the first line. 

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