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Wednesday Words: 21 August 2013

For ‘Wednesday Words’ this week, as hosted by Emma at Crazy With Twins, I first of all reflected a little on the way I often tend not to credit singers or ‘showbiz’ personalities with much capability for serious thought. Others of you may feel the same, if you think it over. Now, some, indeed, may be rather empty-headed; I say may. But many have made some striking observations! Here is one that I love:

“A fan will grab you and hug you and will not let go. When that happens,
you wish it could be that way all over the world.”

Charley Pride, American country music singer  (b.1938)

I think this quote, like his singing, shows a depth of feeling. Try this one… and while you’re at it, read this biography. Quite an eye-opener!

Wednesday Words
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Money Well Spent?

Once again, this is a last-minute response to the ‘100 Word Challenge’ – this time the one here. (Have a look at the other responses, via the links.) Once again, I struggled – until I recalled New Year’s Eve, 1999. As you will see, the brief was to write 103 words, including the phrase I have typed in bold.

There had already been one or two flashes and bangs – and then, as midnight struck at the end of that memorable New Year’s Eve, the sky was lit by a display of pyrotechnics the like of which I have never known, before of since. The noise was deafening, and unrelenting for a full twenty minutes.

Now, everyone likes a celebration, but in the days that followed, many of us began to think. Supposing the same amount of money that had been spent on that amazing, but brief, spectacle had been used to fund children’s hospitals and other noble causes? Was money wisely spent?

It's kind to share!