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Rite of Passage, or Grinning From ‘Ere to There?

This post is written in answer to the ‘100 word challenge’ prompt here, where you’ll also find links to other responses to this piece of harmless amusement. The brief is to write 106 words including the phrase shown in bold, in the genre of comedy…

After several unsuccessful attempts, suddenly, it was in my hand: the means to complete my odyssey unscathed. Now I knew that I would not be speared by Mr. Bowler Hat’s umbrella (unless he speared me on purpose – you never know these days, even though I’m not a spy) nor would I be hurled into a compromising position relative to Miss Pretty Young Office-girl (I don’t even know her.) I would reach my destination with neither multiple injuries nor acute embarrassment – clearly, no mean consideration.

Anyone else who has managed to lay claim to a grab handle round about Oxford Circus will appreciate what I’m talking about…

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The Flip Side…

This post was written in answer to the prompt at ‘100 Word Challenge’ here,
where there 
is also a list of links to other responses. Here we go…

Side one:

[sung] “I’m walking backwards for Christmas…”
[spoken] “…Wait a minute… That’s the other side, isn’t it? Yeah…

Next comes a performance by ‘The Beetle.’

Side two:

First, unsurprisingly, is the complete performance of ‘I’m Walking Backwards for Christmas.’  Then the singer speaking:

“Well? How did you like that, then?”

A reply follows in the inimitable high-pitched lisping tones of the beetle:

“I didn’t like it much at all – I thought that my thide wath better.”

Ah, compact discs. The marvels of digital audio. But to everything there is the ‘flip side’ and here, it is… that there is no flip side.

By the way, does anyone remember this record? I only heard it once!

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