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Alphabet Photography Project: D is for Deer

D is for DeerWe’re back again, of course, to my beloved Wollaton Park, Nottingham, where deer have roamed wild for many generations. (Of deer and humans, that is.) This situation – fading daylight, moving subject, desire for high quality image and reasonable depth of field) had me wanting to replace my trusty but now dated DSLR with one giving improved performance at high ISO settings. (New one will have to stay on my wish list for a bit longer.)
I think the adage is true: children and animals are both, indeed, hard but rewarding subjects for any photographer – and the perseverance is worthwhile!
The word ‘deer’ incidentally, comes from an old word for an animal; a wilderness was literally a wild-deer-ness!

This post continues my response to the Alphabet Photography Challenge.

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