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A Happy Ending

To understand the idea of this post, look here at the prompt (a photo) for the ‘100 word challenge’ –  complete with explanation – if you haven’t already done so. Then come back.

When we heard about this, my mates said I would be a – what is it you say? – ‘spoilsport!’ – not to join in. So I said yes. But I have a problem. I can’t sing – not very well. On the night, I wondered why I was there.

Then the van came with the musicians and instruments. One guy was missing – sick, someone said. Rolf, my friend, just passed me a violin – he knew I played a bit. “Go on, Yasi” he hissed, “We need you.” And… somehow, I just played. And I was happy then. I – what is it?- ‘forgot myself!’

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