My Sunday Photo: 22 May 2016

MaigoldThis early, beautifully-scented rose came into flower in my dad’s garden last week. It’s called ‘Maigold’ and flowers prolifically in late spring and early summer, then still has a few blooms later on.
Judging by most cut roses on sale in shops, if you want roses with any significant scent, these days, you need to grow your own!

Edit, Monday, 23 May 2016:
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12 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo: 22 May 2016”

  1. Have been in Germany this last week and the flowers are just beautiful! I can’t get tired of walking past the scent of lilac trees and the tulips are in full bloom.

  2. how beautiful. the gradation of colour is wonderful. yes it is hard to get a rose with a lovely scent these days. such a shame as that is what makes a rose really a rose.

  3. This is a beautiful rose and such a lovely colour too! What a beautiful garden your Dad must have. This reminds me of the roses we had at our wedding – the Miss Piggy rose – I loved them for their colour. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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