Monday Mobile: Week 14 – Armistice Day

Or Thursday Mobile, as the case may be. Oh, well. Once again, a picture that relates to my ‘Silent Sunday’ just before, which was taken on Saturday night. This picture was taken at the end of the ceremony on the following day – a very moving occasion, by the way – only a few metres from the war memorial, just to see how the camera in my  phone would perform. Frankly, I’m not satisfied with the quality – I took most shots with my DSLR – but equally, I’ll concede that a camera phone will produce a reasonable picture for many purposes.

You may care to look at my post here, where I have discussed the limitations in more detail, particularly with regard to the relative size of the sensors in small cameras and DSLRs. And for more – and more prompt – submissions for Monday Mobile, look at Angie’s rather sweet (in every sense) post, here, and then the list at the end!

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