Nought to One Hundred in Nine Months

No, that isn’t a window sticker for my car. It’s the number of posts on this blog, before this one. In that time, I hope I’ve learned a little, reflected a little, progressed a little. Here and on Twitter, I’m grateful for the interest and good humour shown to me by so many people.

I grant you, many of those posts are a single photo with no words, and yet more are based on one or more photos with just a few words. Others are responses to prompts of various kinds. So thanks to all of you who’ve taken an interest and accepted this as part of my voice, my way of speaking.

The way you all face day-to-day trials of all kinds with grit and laughter still amazes me. What I ventured here in my first post still holds true. Thanks for coming along. The journey is unending; the views along the way are incredible.

It's kind to share!

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