The Prankster

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On Pete’s bench lay a large envelope, unsealed. Several workmates knew that it contained a glossy photographic print of a picture he had taken himself. It was almost the end of the working day, and he went to the ‘gentlemen’s’ – two floors down. As he left us, Tony quickly removed the print from the envelope, then folded and creased the empty envelope neatly in half. He then unfolded it  and wrote at the top:


then added across the middle:


and replaced the print.

I really tried not to laugh when Pete came back. His face was a study…

This is a true story from my early working life. I have changed only the names of the persons referred to. The fellow I have named ‘Tony’ was an inveterate joker.

It's kind to share!

7 thoughts on “The Prankster”

  1. A pranks are dangerous. Dire consequences can follow from an office prank…. I recall a friend who had to rush nude through the offices after someone had taken his clothes, while he was showering. :-)

  2. I feel ambivalent towards the story. As a joke it may be funny, as a prank it’s unkind. By signaling laughter at the end, you’re tacitly applauding the unkindness…

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