Just a Second: Ode to a New-found Loved One

This post is written in response to the prompt at the ‘Writing Workshop’ here.
Essentially, this is to use the word, the theme, the concept… ‘Second’ in a composition.
Here is my attempt. If you look here you will find other responses, including Josie’s own.

I thought no-one would give
My life a second glance.
I couldn’t face
The tasks I had to do.
I wondered when
Or if – I’d love again;
Yet struggled on
And then – life gave me you.

You made me give
My life a second chance.
You helped me face
The way ahead of me.
You showed me how
Life’s worth another try,
And now I find
I’m tied to you, but free.

You made me give
My life a second look.
You helped me leave
The past, that left me blue.
You showed me how
To overcome the fear,
And now I find
I’m free, but tied to you.

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