In Concert – In Every Sense

This post is written in response to the ‘100 Word Challenge’ prompt here, where there are links to all the other responses. Once again I struggled until inspiration came at the last moment – well, on the last day for submissions! The brief was to write 105 words, including the five-word phrase shown in bold. You may care to listen to this, which inspired my piece below.

The pianist walked onto the stage, and bowed twice, to the applause from the audience and fellow musicians. Then, in a most moving gesture, he moved across to help the much older conductor to his feet.  With inimitable charisma, the white-haired gentleman led the orchestra into the opening bars. From then on, as the notes from the piano sounded out with accuracy and feeling, the audience were held in rapture. The following forty minutes were a perfect exposition of what the words ‘concert’ and ‘concerto’ really mean – a display of co-ordination, empathy, devotion to the art, and sheer stamina that was a joy to experience!

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