Chain Reaction…

This little story (entirely fictional) is in response to the ‘100 word challenge’ prompt here. In essence, the brief was to write a piece just 100 words long, plus, included anywhere, the phrase shown in bold. Lots more responses can be viewed using the list of links published with the prompt. By the way, I’ve never kept animals, so this prompt was more of a challenge for me than many of the others!

I blamed it on the dog. You see, it was like this: As I was writing, a butterfly came through the window. This excited the kitten, who then danced about on the window-sill. This annoyed the dog, who had quietly entered the room. He gave a sudden sharp bark. This startled me just as I was reaching for my tea mug. I splashed tea all over the controls of the desk fan, causing fizzing and popping. Alarmed, I pushed back my chair hard, tipping it over backwards. I have a bruised head from my collision with the floor. Also, I stubbed my toe on the table…

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