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My Sunday Photo: 26 June 2016

Vista of TreesI’m not going to post about Britmums Live, today, because a) lots of people will – and better than I could – and b) I need to get my breath back, so to speak, after such a blast!

One evening last week, I just felt the need to unwind in natural surroundings. Fortunately, I had the opportunity. I find there’s something very stabilising about looking at things in nature that are so much older than myself. This picture is, of course, once again a part of Wollaton Park, Nottingham. One or two of the original cedar trees, planted in 1588, the year of the Spanish Armada, still survive. To stand underneath one on a hot summer day and breathe the scent is truly inspiring, and makes me think about all sorts of things.

We tend to get wrapped up in ourselves (maybe I can speak for others along with myself.) Surely, it’s always good to welcome what lifts us out of this. Oh… perhaps there is a connection with Britmums, after all.

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