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My Sunday Photo: 22 October 2017

Red Sun in Dusty SkyI know this isn’t much of a photo, but I’m putting it here this week as a reminder of what happened last Monday (16/10/17.) That morning there was a most weird effect in the sky; it appeared to be filled with a greenish-yellow fog, with the sun itself showing as a faint red ball – which could be directly observed with no risk of eye damage! This was evidently caused by a mixture of desert dust from the Sahara, and smoke from forest fires in Spain, all brought to Britain by winds that were part of Storm Ophelia. At one point, just after midday, I needed to put lights on to see, indoors!
I have seen this effect before, but not very often. I haven’t edited this photo, other than to crop it; this was pretty much how the scene looked.

It's kind to share!