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My Sunday Photo: 10 June 2018

Rose - Not PerfectThis shot is one of several that I took yesterday. I love the wonderful shape and line, colouring, and all the features that make roses beautiful – including, of course, the scent, which sadly I can’t send to you over the internet.

But as I viewed this little set of pictures, a train of thought came into my mind: the roses I had photographed were not perfect. They would not have won any prizes in a flower show. One or two petals, as you can see here, were damaged and turning brown at the edges, or a little bit shrivelled. But wait – does that mean that these roses weren’t beautiful? Indeed, might they be even more beautiful for not having been sprayed and snipped to within an inch of their lives?

By now, many of you will have guessed where these musings are leading. We have an industry that depends, for its very existence, on convincing people, women in particular, that they must devote lots of time, effort, and most importantly, money, in the quest for bodily perfection of a kind that isn’t actually attainable without photo-editing software.

Ladies – and gentlemen, too – take care of yourselves, by all means, but don’t set out to be what you’re not, because an original is worth far more than a cheap copy.

Thank you for reading.

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