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I’m Exhausted

Our ‘100 Word Challenge’ here, where you will find links to all the other responses, is simply to write 100 words, plus the seven words in the prompt, as one piece. I have put the ‘prompt’ words at the end. 

Come in! Oh, it’s you. No, not OK, really. Oh, all kinds of reasons. Just been having a ‘stop the world – I want to get off’ kind of week. What’s that? Got a lot done? I wish! That’s the frustrating part. I can’t think what I have done, as far as achievement goes. Remember the Red Queen? “It takes all the running you can do round here, just to stay in the same place.” She had her head screwed on right I reckon. Problems? Just anything with four wheels and an engine… What? Already? Cup of tea, no? ‘Bye, then… I’m exhausted. Shut the door behind you…

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