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Mystery Picture – Week 4

OK, then. The correct answer for week 3 is, of course, a lightning conductor down the side of a church wall. Well done to Phil (@inxta) who guessed correctly. Here is the (ornate) top end of it :
And here is the new picture below. As before, please leave your guess as a reply, and feel free to pass the word around so that we get some more guesses. Thank you again for viewing.

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Mystery Picture – Week 3

Right.  First of all, the answer to week 2 – that picture is, of course, part of a street lamp.  I did warn you that the angle may be unusual.  Here, I needed to hang upside down from a helicopter, or rotate the image.  In the event, the latter was easier.

And now for the new picture.  Here we go, so start guessing, Leave your guesses as replies, and, if you like this idea for blog posts, please tell your friends (e.g. tweet/retweet on Twitter.)  Thanks for your interest.

It's kind to share!

Mystery Picture – Week 2

Here’s my mystery picture for this week.  For details about this theme, look here.  Please have a go and leave your guess as a comment.  Thank you for visiting.

The answer will be published next week-end, at the start of the week 3 post, with a link back for your convenience.  I’m only just launching this theme (as you can see) so in the meantime, your references/retweets on Twitter are much appreciated.  Thank you.

It's kind to share!

Mystery Picture – Week 1

First of all, a special thank you to all of you who’ve dropped by and looked at my ‘Silent Sunday’ posts for the last three weeks.  You will recall that they took the style of a ‘mystery picture’ for you to guess just what it was.

I have now decided that it’s better to separate this idea from ‘Silent Sunday’ and post it as a theme in its own right, so to speak.  I shall be glad of any feedback and suggestions, and, as always, your comments are welcome. Please also leave your guess(es) as a comment – you’re welcome to have as many guesses as you like!

Oh, and just a few guidelines:

  • The object will always be something reasonably common – I’m not expecting you to know what all the components of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN look like, or anything like that.
  • However, the picture may show the object from a long distance away…
  • Or alternatively, perhaps magnified.
  • It may also be shown viewed from an unusual angle.

So here is the picture for this week – what is it?

It's kind to share!