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Prose for Thought: How do you like your verbs?

Well, now, apropos of Prose for Thought this week, hosted here…

If you choose, would you have all the verbs in this language of ours follow a set pattern? Or do you think that the irregularity adds positive character? Let’s try it out the other way, and see what happens…

A smartphone-wise geek, as I’ve hore tell,
Well… Letters no longer he wrote,
But with many a ‘like’ he ‘loke’ all his friends
And many a tweet, he twote.

Many a post, on his blog, he blug
And many replies he got,
And as his ‘stats’ began to climb
His heart on awards, he sot.

But alas! He core not then, for followers true,
And for words, for their own sake, he slove;
He thunk hardly at all of their woes and their needs,
Yet for popularity crove.

Ah! Let us remember – to blog should be fun
An outreach to others who find
That a problem, when shore, will be easier solved,
And less of a strain on the mind.

Prose for Thought
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