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Chef’s Orders

This post is in response to the ‘100 Word Challenge’ here, where there are lots more responses to read. As usual, I struggled to think of a plot until the last day of submission. The brief was to write 106 words including the phrase shown in bold. Ironically, I nearly forgot to do this post altogether!

“Henry, pass that margarine… Oh, could you weigh out twenty-five grams…? Thanks. And, Oliver, just chop those two onions, please. Good lad… Georgia, will you open two tins of tomatoes, then weigh two hundred grams of rice? Now that jug of stock, pepper, some herbs… Oh, my goodness! I nearly forgot the Worcester sauce! Now, while this is cooking, Harriet, will you grate some cheese, there’s a dear… You know, I saw something like this in the ready meals section only yesterday – a frightful price it was! And never mind the additives, I always think it tastes so much nicer when you make it all yourself!”

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