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How do you know that’s a fair description?

This post was prompted by the ‘100 Word Challenge’ here, where you will find lots of links to other responses. The brief was to write 105 words, including the five-word phrase shown in bold, which didn’t, of course, necessarily have to be at the beginning.

“What does it taste like?” is a common enough – and fair enough – question. Less logical, on the face of it, are many of the answers; indeed, they are often not so much answers as exclamations, like “Aaaarrrgh! Tastes like old socks boiled in washing-up water!” This, of course, is likely to evoke replies like “I’ll take your word for it. I’ve never tried that…”

However, this kind of thing isn’t as illogical as it sounds; this is because the majority of what we consider to be taste is, in fact aroma or smell – and the sense of smell is very powerfully connected to the memory!

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