17 thoughts on “24 July 2011: Silent Sunday”

    1. Not in the sense of going out train-spotting for its own sake, maybe, but trains, and locomotives in particular, fascinate me! Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Try it. You need: a footbridge (or similar vantage point) over a busyish railway line, an evening, and a camera that can use a slow shutter speed. Evening really is a fantastic time for photography.

  1. My eldest (5yrs!) is a huge train fan and we have spent many happy hours in the National Railway Museum at York. he has finally converted me and I am as much a train tart as he is. Fantastic picture!

  2. I totally just went ‘buuuuuh-nuhhh’ in my head (that’s a train noise, btw) (like a train horn, not the noise it makes going along) (is it called a train horn?) (I’ll shut up now)

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