Prose For Thought: Give Me Patience!

This post is in response to ‘Prose for Thought’ at Verily, Victoria Vocalises.

I’ve only time for a small poem now, so here goes! I think we’re all getting a little fed up with this drawn-out Winter weather!

It feels like
We wait for ever,
For Winter’s chill
Her grip to sever.

But all things come
To those who wait
We’re told: Even if Spring
Is arriving late.

And today has brought
At last, some relief
From ice, from snow,
And dreary grief!

Prose for Thought
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2 thoughts on “Prose For Thought: Give Me Patience!”

  1. I think that sums up the situation with the weather in a nice tidy package of a poem. Very well put! :). Thank you as ever for linking to Prose For Thought and for your support :))

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