Moved to Reply: A Marvellous Experience

If, in any measure, you enjoy reading and appreciating poetry, and also having a shot at writing poems of your own, then sometimes, just sometimes, a most uplifting experience will be yours: you will read a poem – it my be any genre, rhyming, blank verse, or in between – and find yourself moved in spirit to write in reply. And not only that, but you will feel yourself so empowered by what you have read, that your capacity to reply is no longer a question of your own ability, but the strength of spiritual urge to respond out of inward feeling; a response that gives contrast, gives comparison, and gives acknowledgement of the writer’s feelings; like an echo across a valley, like the gentle dawn after a fiery sunset, like the bubble of a mountain stream after the rain.

This experience was mine today. the poem in question was Hold the Light written by Tamsin at dandeliongirl01, here. Please read it before reading on – if you haven’t already.

So… Thank you, Tamsin. This was how it moved me:

The Time to Stay

Always grant yourself
The time to stay,
Looking for the sensitive;
Yet do not stray
From seeking empathy
That will reply;
Cling to the true
Heart, that encloses
Love, not the hate
It exposes.
That you are beautiful
None can deny.

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