Project 365: A Week of Mixed Emotions

I had a tremendous shandy of thoughts and feelings during this week. These pictures illustrate this – some literally, some figuratively or symbolically…

365-150118January 18: A very mixed sky. A bit like my mood that day.

365-150119January 19: I found this in the front of my mum’s cookery book. It was a present to a most amazing woman. And yes, I did well up…

365-150120January 20: At sunrise, I really thought this was smoke, not power station condensate. The light plays tricks. Life does, sometimes, too.

365-150121January 21: There was a little something to celebrate. I needed a little something to do it with. See those cola bottles? Ah, well, I went to the aisle behind them…!

365-150122January 22: I took a moment to look carefully at this fruit dish. It was hand-carved out of a single piece of wood, by a grateful patient of a great friend, who was a nurse in two world wars.

365-150123January 23: Once again, taken in my dad’s garden. New life and hope, a herald of spring to come.

365-150124January 24: This plaque is on one face of the war memorial at Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire. How sad, that instead of ‘growing old in peace’ the flower of Europe’s youth was slaughtered again, just twenty years later. Makes you think…

So, there we are – for another week!

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5 thoughts on “Project 365: A Week of Mixed Emotions”

  1. There’s some work gone into that bowl, it’s beautiful.
    Sometimes I come across my mum’s old cookery notes and I fill up too, especially at the side notes, like “Buy paint from B & Q” and other random stuff not connected to cooking. Bless ‘er. I’m exactly the same. :)
    The last picture is a poignant one. We must never forget and pictures like this help us to remember the brave that gave their everything. Lovely post, Phil. x

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