On Reflection…

Objects with reflections, or objects which make reflections, can add tremendous intrigue, interest, and creative punch to everyday photography.  I find, as a rule, these reflections fall into three groups:

First of all, there are accurate, true reflections from smooth, flat, shiny surfaces such as very still water.  One spring evening gave me the chance to get this picture…

Then there are distorted reflections from curved objects, which can make fascinating study; where and when does reality become surreal?

(Open air musical performances are great subjects anyway, of course.)  Then we get broken reflections from irregular surfaces such as moving water, like this:

So there’s a few ideas for you.  Carry a camera, keep your eyes open, and experiment. Building up your photographic technique is an incredible journey.  A journey with no end. But the views along the way are, or should be, amazing…

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One thought on “On Reflection…”

  1. I love reflective photos. We have a great selection of water. Since having my posterous account & trying to Post a Day, I’m getting much better at spotting pictures to take!

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