My Sunday Photo: 11 June 2017

Head of Dock PlantBlack and white photography is often referred to as monochrome or in other words, one colour. However, monochrome doesn’t have to be black and white; it can be any single colour of your choice. In nature, one obvious choice is green. Here, I have used a wide lens opening (aperture) to give a shallow depth of field, so that the dock plant stands out in sharp focus against a blurred background.

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5 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo: 11 June 2017”

  1. I agree with you about this but we had such disagreements about it at camera club that even sepia tone was banned for the monochrome submissions. You photo is mostly monochrome but I spy a teen bit of brown in the teasel. I’m not arguing with you though, I think you make the point very well indeed! #mysundayphoto

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