A Short Long Journey

And so we move on, to another ‘magic moment’ for the linky at The Olivers Madhouse…

As the driver, I was somewhat nervous as we set off, because for one thing, I wasn’t very familiar with the route. Fortunately, my passenger knew it well, although we still had to do a fair number of turning-round sort of manoeuvres. At one point, the erratic behaviour of another motorist, who seemed to want to drive down the opposite side of the road from everyone else, didn’t help, but I managed to cope with this. I was, however, just a little apprehensive as to whether, from my point of view, our journey would be fruitless. I tried to stay calm about this.

As things turned out, I needn’t have worried; as we reached our destination, my passenger asked me a few questions. (We were only just getting to know each other.) He turned and looked at me, with just the flicker of a smile, and then came the magic moment…

“You’ve passed your test, kid!”

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