The Season of… What?

This post was prompted by the special ’50/50 split’ 100 word challenge’ here.
Please click on the link to see the rules – and other responses. 

The concept: A clear blue sky. Brilliant sunshine on fresh snow. A slight, persistent, air and ground frost. Children, dressed in brightly-coloured warm clothes, laughing and shouting as they pull each other along on sledges, their parents joking with one another as they exchange stories of family life.

The reality…

Now it’s your turn. 50 more words – no more and no less!

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10 thoughts on “The Season of… What?”

  1. This is a super ‘christmas card’ beginning. It is how Christmas should be ( & I’m sure it was like that when I was small!). You have set it well for some great part twos Phil. Many thanks for taking up this silliness.

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