Steady, There…

This post is in response to the ‘100 Word Challenge’ here, where you’ll find, as usual, an introduction to the brief, and a list of live links to all the other replies. Once again, we need 104 words, including the four-word phrase given, shown below in bold. However, the passage I have written is also a sequel to last week’s post here.

The hammering dislodged a small carved wooden apple from the front of the pantry door. As the apple fell to the floor, the door-bell rang…

Clarissa studied the two policemen in her hall, one of whom she recognised. That woman at ’emergency’ had done well. But, hold on… something wasn’t right. The sandy hair and blue eyes belonged to the village bobby she had befriended years ago… Pretty young wife, toddler son. It couldn’t be… Was she dreaming? The room seemed to spin…

Strong arms caught her as she almost fainted.

“Steady, there, Auntie Clarrie! They said I’d have to come, for Dad’s sake…”

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