Lest we forget…

I’ll put it here, lest we forget:

If we say “The government should do more for…” and name a part of society or a worthy cause, then either we must also say that we agree to more taxation, or we must be prepared to say what part of society should get less, and why. You can’t use the same money twice.

If a military campaign is initiated, and a battle is fought, and afterwards a report states that ‘casualties were light’ it is likely that for some parents, siblings, widows, and children, casualties were extremely heavy. You can’t live the same life twice.

This post was prompted by the ‘100 word challenge’ here.
It is based on a few musings in the light of recent events. 

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11 thoughts on “Lest we forget…”

  1. Absolutely – you always have to consider the other side of the coin. I am fed-up of the tabloids deriding every budget cut and yet also criticizing public spending. They never say what reforms they would approve of, whilst constantly demanding reforms.
    And every time they write few casualties we are expected to focus on the word few. Hello people! It says casualties. That means someone’s son died!
    An excellent observation.

  2. A very interesting take on the prompt Phil. I do wonder what some of the fallen would say if they could respond to recent events. Thank you for putting a different slant on the prompt.

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