How Time Flies!

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Right now, I find myself thinking, “Surely it can’t be that time of year already? Whatever happened to summer?” Well, summer, such as it was, has been and gone. Frost has already made its presence felt. But there are compensations. The spectrum of colours in the trees ‘on the turn’ this year seems to be particularly spectacular – green still holding on to the last, contrasted with deep golds and russets.

Perhaps the real pleasure is to be found in enjoying each season for what it is. Ecuador is said to have the climate of a continual English Spring. Maybe I’d even get bored of that!

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13 thoughts on “How Time Flies!”

  1. I wonder if I would … I do think I’d miss a winter landscape during the end of the year holidays — I’ve gotten so used to it. I like how you explored a fleeting and perhaps not so summery, summer. Where I am, 100 degree weather (Fahrenheit) had me nearly immobile and wondering if I’d survive.

  2. Well said, and beautiful photo. I think we all feel a sensation of surprise the first time we get that waft of feeling in the air that announces the change of seasons.

  3. Nice fragment.
    The surprise is, one doesn’t get bored, but really misses the autumn. The rain, the fog. It sounds absurd, I know, but that’s what happened to me in California…

  4. I don’t agree with Midlife Singlemum. I love knowing it will be warm and dry in the summer, and I love it when we get a warm day during the winter. And when it snows.

  5. Pretty picture. And while I can admire the colour of the leaves and live where leaves turn color, I dream of one day living where I can wear a hole in my shorts. :)

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