…But I Turned it Off…

This post is in response to the ‘100 Word Challenge’ here, where you’ll find links to the many other responses. The challenge is simply to compose a piece of writing of 100 words in length, plus the five ‘prompt’ words, shown here as my title. Now, sometimes these weekly prompts just somehow ‘click’ and then again, some weeks, I struggle. This time, I struggled – ideas wouldn’t come… until today, the last day for submissions, when my very surroundings gave me the answer!

This morning, I awoke early to a surprise: a startlingly clear, blue sky – and frost!  the house needed all that the central heating could do. But I turned it off well before noon, despite working from home today. The thermometer outside climbed rapidly, as white gardens turned green again in the morning sun. After several days of mild but cloudy weather, this change was striking. Such, typically, is equinoctial weather. But why do we Britons talk about the weather so much? Probably, I think, because we are subject to such an array of different weather patterns and sequences. And, with this, so many changing skies.

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4 thoughts on “…But I Turned it Off…”

  1. Lovely and very topical! What has the weather been doing?! I love that phrase about the house needing the central heating. I love the photo too. Thanks for taking the time to share!

  2. I love days like the one you are describing! They lift your spirit and brighten everything. :)

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