Are You Sure?

“How’s it looking, then, Hugh?
“FRED! Don’t come in like that and give me ‘eart failure. And yep, it’s lookin’ just fine. As you can see. Not that I’d ‘ave chose this colour for me dinin’ room walls, but there yer go. ‘Ope they like it.”
“Are you sure it should be that colour?”
“Accordin’ ter the ticket, Fred, yes. Walls – ice cream pink, ceilin’ – white, woodwork – smoke grey…”
“Let’s hope it’s WALL’S ice cream then, eh?”
“More to the point, Fred: let’s ‘ope that new piece in the office ‘asn’t got this one round ‘er neck…”
“Yes, well, you know as well as I do how Cyril Cleverpants Atkinson chooses his staff.”


“Nearly home, darling. Happy?”
“Yes, lovie. Enjoyed every minute. Glad you got your photos and rock collecting too. Be glad to be home, though. Specially to my new green dining room.”


“CBA Decorating, good morning, How may I help you?”

This post was prompted by the ‘100 word challenge’ here.
(I have heard of a similar incident in real life!) 

It's kind to share!

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